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We have a 360 approach to our bespoke consulting, covering everything from feedback and self awareness to leadership and succession plans

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360° feedback and self-awareness reports

Better understand your leadership traits and gain a greater awareness of how others see and perceive you. A six question ‘feelings based’ questionnaire (totally anonymised) will be completed by your team and other key personnel and a summary feedback report will be produced, from which you will be able to create a meaningful personal development document.

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Performance Management Process

Its not all about numbers… its about understanding each colleague and each team and finding out how to enhance performance, maximise potential and develop the brand. We will look at meeting structures, agenda setting, contracting, time-bound action planning, and ‘follow through’. Practise doesn’t necessarily ‘make perfect’, but it will make us more effective and improve that ‘self-awareness’ element, so we will observe live meetings, both at individual and team level, to enable you to continue to build upon our personal development plan.

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Leadership and Coaching Skills

Understand the difference between ‘Leadership’ and ‘Management’ and assess where you are on the scale. How much time do you spend ‘in the business’ as opposed to ‘on the business’? Who are your leadership role models and why? What is the difference between ‘coaching’ and ‘teaching’? How would you best describe your coaching skills? What coaching models are you using, and most importantly, who ‘coaches the coach’?

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Colour Insights’ personality and characteristics awareness

Leaders need to better understand the DNA of their people. Through the ‘colour insight’ awareness activity, you will develop new leadership skills and heighten your self-awareness. We will practise scenarios and challenge our natural persona in the meeting place environment, ultimately leading to more consistent and more ‘value added’ interactions.

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Interview skills and techniques

We look at environment, we look at style, we look at pace, we look at technique, we look at empathy and we assess what to ‘dial up or dial down’ in your own graphic equaliser. How effective are your interviewing skills, and what might you do differently next time? How comfortable are you in ‘face to face’ interviews, and how are you adapting to interviewing in the ‘virtual’ environment in which you may now be operating.

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Succession Planning

What does it look like in your business? What is your three year plan re ‘succession’? What procedures do you have in place to identify and nurture future talent in the business. Do you adopt any reverse mentoring processes across your business? What would happen to your business if you were unable to be at the helm over the next three years?

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