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We have a 360 approach to our bespoke consulting, covering everything from feedback and self awareness to leadership and succession plans

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Business Planning

What format does this take in your business? How regularly do you re-visit the plan? Who do you share the plan with? What areas does the plan cover? Has the plan been re-visited in the wake of the current pandemic and how will the impact of the pandemic affect your business? This programme looks at the component parts of a Business Plan, how to use forecasting within the plan and how to communicate and flex the plan if necessary. It looks at style, length and key messages and it looks at how the plan should be used within your business.

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Customer Service and Engagement

How do we capture feedback from our customers, and how often do we interact and engage with them? Here we look at a programme to capture ‘in the moment’ feedback and how to use that feedback in a positive way across all media platforms. We will look at frequency, depth and ownership of such ‘feedback’ schemes and consider how your business will benefit.

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Managing Change

How well does your business respond to change? Here we look at different ‘change management’ techniques to ensure ‘engagement’ and ‘delivery’ are key outcomes. How do you create ‘advocacy’ and how do you maintain momentum? Whether it is a change of product or a change brought about by regulation… it is essential that your business can embrace ‘the change’ and that your business has provided the clarity, the training and the expectation that surrounds it.

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Cashflow Management

What processes are in place and what internal systems provide the correct level of insight, stretch and governance across your business? We will look at forecasting, sales and purchase ledger management within the business and working capital awareness in terms of the day to day cash management requirements.

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Operational and Internal Governance

What systems are in place across your business? How do you protect your business against fraud and security breaches? Is your Operations Manual ‘fit for purpose’ and does it reflect the fast changing environment in which we operate? We will look at the robustness of your systems, the training and development of the key personnel operating the systems, and how your business can introduce internal measures and processes to ensure that it remains safe.

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Number 4 Consulting can support you, your business and your team in the following ways:

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From ‘colour insights’ personality and characteristics to performance management process and succession planning...

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From 360º feedback and self-Awareness reports, to motivating and engaging the team and leadership and coaching skills...

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