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We have a 360 approach to our bespoke consulting, covering everything from feedback and self awareness to leadership and succession plans

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Team level SWOT analysis with word cloud production

This programme will look at how the business encourages and facilitates effective team building and problem solving techniques. We will support a programme to drive creativity, increase ownership and improve engagement and work towards a ‘word cloud’ that can describe the team and the business and do wonders for energy and enthusiasm across the office or factory.

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Team engagement survey and feedback analysis

Designed to seek honest and constructive feedback from the team, we design a programme that will achieve senior management ownership, embrace signature actions, undertake to maintain the momentum and appoint ‘engagement’ ambassadors from across the business.

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Using Enterprise Mentoring programme content, we will explore opportunities and the challenges and we will create a platform of shared experiences, willingness to develop and ability to grow across the team. We will help the individual create goals and to build experience, confidence and impact.

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External foot-printing

We will encourage the team to create a more indelible external foot-print and coach them on how to become more effective at networking, how to make an impact ‘in twenty three seconds’ and how to build and develop a network of contacts.

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Team building programmes

From stretch and challenge to nurture and build… we facilitate a programme to build team-ship and create momentum and legacy.

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Personal development planning

We will observe the individual and team level systems and procedures that are in place across the business to support ‘development’. Working with key stakeholders, we will facilitate a programme of relevant and attainable development and help introduce a level of insight, training and practise that will benefit the individual, the team and the business.

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Building a personal brand

Here we look at role modelling and we look at first impressions, communication skills and self- awareness. Our programme can be delivered at an individual or a team level and is designed to build greater self- awareness, confidently articulate a ‘unique selling point’ and improve communication skills.

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